Come Get a Relaxing Massage!

With all the stress that we are all surrounded by everyday, massage is the perfect getaway. You are able to lay there and relax, and not have to worry about a thing. Nothing from the outside world is there to bother you. Here at Amara we have two outstanding massage therapists that are there to cater to your needs. They both love what they do and are trained to customize their massage depending on your needs. Call in and book an appointment today!!

Glymed Tan In Fast-Acting Sunless Tanning Cream

This weeks product focus is Glymed's Tan In Fast-Acting Sunless Tanning Cream. This amazing lotion is like having sunshine in a bottle, without the harmful rays, wrinkles, and sun damage. It gives you a beautiful golden-bronze color and a subtle glow without any orange streaks. It goes on silky smooth, gives an even coverage, and is great for all skin types. This product is a great add-on to a sugar scrub, any body treatment, or even just to apply as your everyday lotion. This is a must have for the summer! Come in and experience it for yourself!